News 2008



Belle was mated by Gio today. More under Puppies´ page



Happy gave us the Christmas gift - during the night between yesterday and today, she whelped 3 puppies.

Males Females :-((
                  Males                                             Females

You see right - we probably do not know how to make females :-/
More pictures here



Happy is pregnant! Today she was checked by Ultrasound. We expect puppies around Christmas.



Happy was mated by Jack Bohemia Sen. Puppies are expected end of December 2008. More about puppies here.

New photos: Diabolo Belle



Happy was first time shown in Czech Republic. Today, 19.10.2008, at Nationally show in Brno, judged by Olga Dolejšová, got Excellent 1st and CAC.

New photos: Happy and Dark Lady Belle



Updated site Puppies - our favourite for Happy was health checked and everything went perfect, so we added him as a future father of Happy´s planned litter.



Updated site Puppies - finally I decided over male for Belle. It will be american boy Gio. Thanks to his owners for permission to use him on Belle. I´m still searching "the right one" for Happy.



Added site of A litter include fotos from puppy age



Deny (Diabolo) left us today to live with his new owner.



JCh.Camelia Belle finished at age of 23 months title Champion of Poland! Sunday, 17.08.2008, she won at Nationally show Nowy Targ - Excellent 1st, CWC, Best female (NSwR) and BOB. Congratulation!!!



We had again busy time with our new female Happy.
Past weekend (16.+17.08.2008) we went to Duodanube Internationally dog shows in Bratislava, Slovakia. Unfortunately, my Belgians were judged in same time at another hall, so I was only running between halls and rings...
Happy was shown both days in open class and did wel. Saturday, judged by very charming lady Mrs. Méry Chantal from France, got Excellent 1st, CAC and res.CACIB. Sunday, judged by Vija Klucniece from Lithuania, got Excellent 1st, CAC.
Week before, Happy did czech Confirmation for nice result too.

Updated breeding plans.



We have new member of our family - female Happy. Happy came to us from Hungarian kennel of Krisztina Biro. She is very beautifull and sweet female and she adapted quite quickly here. Few days after importing her, we took her to first show, it was Nationally show in Legnica, 03.08.2008. Happy did Excellent 1st, CWC, at open class, judged by Mrs. Joanna Szczepańska-Korpetta.
We are looking to make more shows with Happy in near future.
Thank You, Krisztina, for such wonderfull girl, we are so happy with Happy!



Our Catey was for about two months ill. Firstly we found she has cancer on urinary bladder. It proceeded very quickly and finally she had metastasis on lien, in subcutis, on bones. Last days, she was very sadly, refuse food and was crying. We had to decide the most difficult verdict. Catey slept forever in our hands yesterday. We will miss her forever!



New photos of puppies from 8 weeks of age.
Dark Lady and beautifull Duccio left us to leave in theire new families. Deny (Diabolo) will stay with us for a while, but is already reserved.



New photos of puppies - age 5,5 and 6 weeks.
JCh.Camelia Belle, older sister of our puppies, won yesterday another show! At Internationally show Krakow, Poland, she got again Excellent 1st, CWC, CACIB, NSwR and BOB !! Judge was Mr.Szemraj. Congratulate!



New photos of puppies - age 4,5 weeks.



New photos of puppies - age 21 days. They also got the names: males are Diabolo Belle (black & white) and Duccio Belle (sable & white). Female is Dark Lady Belle (black & white). Duccio is still available for reservation!



New photos of puppies - age 13 days. Available is only male in colour sable & white



Belle whelped puppies yesterday. We have 2 boys and at least one longed-for female. As usually, they are very big! Puppies are very strong and vital, all the time suck the milk from mother. Mother is doing well too. We are taking reservations for one male. You can take a look at some puppies´ pictures from day of birth.



JCh.Camelia Belle did great on the Club show Opole today! She won Excellent 1st, CWC, Club Winner Poland 2008 and BOB !!!



Belle was again checked by ultrasound. All looks very well, puppies are growing well. So we can looking forward to our Puppies!



Belle was checked by ultrasound and is pregnant. We expect puppies at the half of May.

12.04.2008 Nationally show Ostrava, judge: Božena Ovesná
Crown Royal Belle z Kovárny - Excellent 1st, CAC
Cage was on his very first show and soon suceed!


18.03.2008 Yesterday, Belle was again mated with Boban - more info here


15.03.2008 Today Belle was mated with Boban - more info here


13.03.2008 Added site of B-litter , include photos of puppies from baby and older age.
Today´s Progesterone test indicate Saturday as a best days for mate Belle.


05.03.2008 New design of our website.
Belle finally start her heat!!! We hope we will have puppies soonly.


10.02.2008 JCh.Camelia Belle was presented first time in intermediate class. At Internationally show in Rzesów she won Excellent 1st, CWC, CACIB and BOB!!  Congratulate!