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New photos of puppies from litter G - Guendo Happy Perro, Golden Happy Sun and Grace Happy Hollie
Sunday 06.12.2009 we went to National show in Nowa Ruda, Poland. Our Ch.Belle Catey z Kovárny won Excellent 1st, CWC and NSwR (Best adult female), her little daughter Fresia Belle z Kovárny was Excellent 2nd



Also our other puppies from litter G went to new home - Guendo Happy Perro and Genny Happy Jenny to Netherland and Golden Happy Sun stays in Czech Republic. All puppies settled well in new homes.



Bim - Grace Happy Hollie left us to live with her new owner - young lady Nina Chandlers from Poland. We hope to meet her again at some show!
Also Jenny (Genny Happy Jenny) and Guendo will go to theire new homes soonly.
We offer Golden Happy Sun to serious buyer. Sun is beautifull female, which is very promising for shows. She has nice full scissore bite, wide jaws, expressive eyes, nice ears, straight back and stands very well. Many new photos of her on Rajče photogallery.
And also few new photos from games of wild bichons :-)



New photos of Enrico.
Balbína - Dark Lady Belle z Kovárny was shown first time in intermediate class. 06.09.2009 at National show Przemysl, she won Excellent 1st, CWC, NSwR (Best female) and BOB!!! Judge was Wanda Kowalska. Congratulation!!!
Puppies: last puppy - créme female is available for sale



New photos of puppies from G litter - age 6 weeks.
Créme female is available for sale. Also due to serious family reason also gold-sable female is available.



New photos of puppies from G litter - age 4 weeks.
New photos of Enrico in summer haircut and Jonáš (Fabien).
Balbína - Dark Lady Belle z Kovárny won again! At National show in Nowy Targ, 16.08.2009, she got Excellent 1st, Youth Winner and Best Junior of Breed. Judge Dorota Zabek from Poland. Balbína is now Junior Champion of Poland! Congratulation!!!



New photos of puppies from G litter - age 2,5 weeks. Puppies got theire names.


28.07.2009 New photos of puppies from G litter.
I tryed to make some new photos of crazy Fresia Belle
Informations about teeth and bites of puppies from E litter and first puppy from F litter .
Balbína - Dark Lady Belle z Kovárny was shown again. 19.07.2009 at National show Nowy Sacz she got Excellent 1st and Junior Winner. Judge was Mrs.Monika Kuriata-Okarmus. Congratulation!



Happy whelped puppies today - one black & white boy and three girls: créme, white + sable markings and gold-sable with tan points.Photos here
New photos of Face of Belle



Balbína - Dark Lady Belle z Kovárny was on her first show. 27.06.2009 at International show Krakow got Excellent 1st, Junior Winner and Best Junior in breed. Judge was Velez Pioco Roberto (PRI). Congratulation!



New photos of puppies from our F litter - Jonáš (Fabien), Nessy (Finesse) and Fréza (Fresia)
Happy is pregnant!



New photos of Balbína - Dark Lady Belle z Kovárny
Happy was mated .



All puppies from litter F are in theire new families. Added photos from 2 months of age. Nessi is just here for a little holiday.
We are planning litter G



New photos of Enrico and Enzio. Enzio will leave us at Tuesday to live in his new home. Added nice winter pictures of Duccio
New photos of Belle´s puppies outside games (age 5,5 weeks)



New photos of Enrico from his new home. New photos of Enzio and last photos of Ernesto from our home - Ernesto left us today to live with his new family at Poland.
New photos of Belle´s puppies - age almost 4 weeks.



New photos of Enzio and Ernesto
New photos of Belle´s puppies - age 11 days. Puppies are growing very well, they doubled birth weight between 5th and 6th day of life.
Jack, father of our E litter became Champion of Czech Republic! Gio, father of our current puppies has passed all conditions for become FCI InterChampion. Congratulation to both!!



At the beginning of today, Belle gave birth to four puppies. We have one boy and three girls in the litter. Boy is black and white (same like was his grandmother Catey). Girls are black with white markings (like Belle is), brown with white or sable with white (we do not know still, how the colour will develope) and black and white (similary like the boy, but with more white). Mother and puppies are doing well. First photos here.



Friday, Enrico went to his new home. Enzio and Ernesto have to wait a bit, because they are going to live so far!
Added photos of E-boys from Friday and today.



Yesterday was beautifull, almost spring day. Warm, sun was shining, birds were signing. We took our puppies from E litter first time outside. They were sooo happy! Running, jumping, playing, discovering our garden, got dirty, climb the mass of last snow and many more. Photos of them (age 6,5 weeks) and 2,5 weeks younger Groenendaels were added on Rajče.
Today is raining and snowing again, so photos were made at home only.
All three boys have completely descend testicles, upper incisives are already present, lower are growing, number of them is correct.

Cleo (Cylia Belle z Kovárny) gave birth to her first litter. Proud father is Caesar (Christa´s Jumpy Clown White-Boy), puppies born 29.01.2009, two boys and one girl. Congratulation to Cleo and Caesar owner, Charlotte Ingraham!



Again new photos of puppies - 4,5 weeks old. Puppies are eating from bowl, playing, barking and are sooo cute! Testicles are almost descend, teeth are coming. All puppies are reserved, I made theire own site.
Belle was checked by ultrasound last week and she is pregnant! We expect puppies end of February.



Added new photos of puppies from the age of 21 days.



New photos of puppies from the age of 15 days. Boys opened theire eyes, as a first Enrico, last was Enzio. With opened eyes, they decide to inspect surroundings of theire flop. "Aunts" Jenny and Belle are so happy to lick them everytime it is possible :-)



New photos of puppies. Puppies are doing great and growing very quickly! They also got the names: Enrico Happy, Enzio Happy and Ernesto Happy.




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