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18.12.2010 Happy Hearty Hollie went to her new home in Germany. Good luck!


06.12.2010 New photos of beautifull Happy Hearty Hollie which is still available!
Golden Happy Sun z Kovárny was shown on Specialty in Nižbor, 27.11.2010. Judged by Mr.Juza Beradze from Gruzia, she was placed Excellent 2nd, res.CAC. Sun also fulfilled condition for title Club Junior Champion KCHHP!
Belle was mated by beautifull Jack Bohemia Sen. Puppies are expected end of January.
Fresia was checked for Patella luxation with super result 0/0 - healthy. We planned to bred her now, but due to extremly bad weather we cannot realized it :-((



Guendo Happy Perro was shown at Eurodogshow Kortrijk (Belgium), 20.11.2010. At very strong competition (30 entered Havanese) he became 2nd Excellent in junior class. Congratulation!
New photos of Enrico.
Hoxo Happy Smile went to his new family. We still offer his wonderfull sister Happy Hearty Hollie - more here



Guendo Happy Perro was shown again. 15th October, on the International show in Dortmund, Germany, he got Excellent 1st, VDH-Cha-Ju, CAJC and Bundessjugendsieger! Congratulation!
Guendo was also checked for Hereditary eyes diseases with result clear - healthy!
We still offer two beautifull puppies for show and breeding - more here



After longer pause, we are bringing many new photos of our puppies. Beautifull and charming male Happy Hoxo Smile and his elegant sister Happy Hearty Hollie are available for sale. Both are very promising for shows and breeding. As a bonus, also all his littermates have testicles, bites, teeth and pigmentation OK.


30.08.2010 Puppies are almost 5 weeks old. I added new photos from 4,5 weeks here. They are already eating from bowl, playing together and - when weather permits - explore our garden. Both females are available!
Golden Happy Sun z Kovárny
was shown again. Yesterday, at Mladá Boleslav, International show, she won junior class with her 4th CAJC. Sun was also checked for Hereditary eyes diseases with result "clear" (healthy).


16.08.2010 Puppies have already opened eyes and start to explore neighborhood of their whelping box. They were first time outside at the garden and also first time dewormed. New photos from age of 2,5 weeks here.
Today we added also new photos of beautifull Guendo Happy Perro from age 12 months.


05.08.2010 Puppies are growing very well. They already have between 360-410 grams and have nice strong bones. The pigment of mouth and nose is coming. New photos from one week of age here.


30.07.2010 Happy whelped 4 puppies at Wednesday - 2 boys of black & white colour, 1 girl of sable & white colour and one girl of créme & white colour. First photos here.

Golden Happy Sun z Kovárny is doing great on shows! 24.07.2010, at Club show KCHHP, judged by Mrs.Ovesná, Sun won again junior class with Exc.1st, CAJC and finished in only 12 months of age title of Czech Junior Champion. She went through breeding qualification with clear code of A5 and is brood bitch now. Congratulation!


22.07.2010 Golden Happy Sun was shown again - Sunday, 19.07.2010 on National show in Mladá Boleslav won again junior class with Excellent 1st, CAJC and Best Junior of the Breed and now also BOB - Best of Breed! Judge was Mr.Rafal First from Poland. Congratulation!


04.07.2010 Happy's pregnancy was confirmed by Ultrasound checking, but it is also well visible on her. We are looking forward to have again little "turbo-mouses" at our home :-))
Sire of our future puppies (Strandwik's Neo) got CAC at Club show and CAC, National Winner and BOB at National show Klatovy. Congratulation!
Belle was again checked for Hereditary eyes diseases and again clear (healthy)
Balbína (JCh.Dark Lady Belle z Kovárny) gave birth to four puppies on 07.06.2010 in Poland kennel Banda Amora.


08.06.2010 Fresia and Finesse became certified as Brood bitches
New photos of Belle and Fresia


03.06.2010 Happy was mated by beautifull Strandwik's Neo »» planned puppies


28.05.2010 Golden Happy Sun had her very first show on 23.05.2010 - International show in Litoměřice. Judge was Mrs.Dolejšová. Sun did very well - she was Excellent 1st, CAJC and Best Junior of the breed! Congratulation!

Bella is not pregnant :-(( We are unhappy.
Happy is in the season, mating will take place soonly.


04.05.2010 New photos of Guendo Happy Perro from 8 months of age - Guendo was shown first time! 18th April at Goes, Netherland, he got Very Promising..
Happy and Fréza were checked for hereditary eyes diseases - both are healthy, clear..
Bella was mated! If all will goes well, we can wellcome puppies end of June.


18.04.2010 New photos of Golden Happy Sun age 8 months
Bella is in season - we will soonly have puppies :-)


26.03.2010 New photos of Face of Belle, Grace and Genny Happy Jenny. Added info about teeth of G litter
News about planned puppies.


07.03.2010 New photos of Guendo. Guendo has had changed his teeth and all is OK, complete scissor bite.
We are planning puppies.



National show Olomouc, 10.01.2010 - Nesi (Finesse Belle z Kovárny) became Excellent 3rd in Junior class



New photos of puppies from litter G - Guendo Happy Perro, Golden Happy Sun and Genny Happy Jenny.
New winter photos of Fresia Belle.






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