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Julie went to her new home. We have at home last available puppy - sweet boy Iago - see puppies

Guendo Happy Perro z Kovárny - patella 0/0, eyes clear (again). Congratulation!

New photos : Belle (7,5 years), Happy Havana Boy, Ian Belle, Iago Belle, I am Neo and Juliette.
Added site of K litter, which was bred on our kennel name, but born at family Schejbalovi.



Jemma and Kiara are in their new homes. Juliette is reserved. Last puppy for sale - lovely Iago Belle - see puppies

Our Inimitable Buddy Bohemia Alké was Excellent 1st, CAC and CACIB on the International show Nitra, 19.11.2011.

Photos of Isaac and Jemma from their new families.



Keyan and Ivory are in the new families. Jemma is reserved. So we have for sale only amazing darling Iago, beautifull Juliette and affectionate Kiara. More information on Puppies page .

Happy Havana Boy z Kovárny ("Yuko") was shown on Specialty show in Mladá Boleslav, 15.10.2011 and he did well! Yuko won junior class with Excellent 1st, CAJC and BOJ (Best of Juniors). This was also last condition for become Stud dog, so Yuko is now also available for stud.
JCh.Golden Happy Sun z Kovárny was awarded as Young female of 2010 year !

New photos of littermates : Yuko (Happy Havana Boy), Hoxo (Happy Hoxo Smile) and Dipsy (Happy White Princess).



Charming, Isaac, Karo, Kim, Kessie, Keyko and Kylie went to their new homes. Good luck our puppies! Keyan is reserved. So we have two boys for sale (Iago, Ivory), two girls from J litter (Jemma and rare chocolate Juliette) and one girl from K litter (Kiara). More information on Puppies page .
I added new site for litters CH, I and J. There are lot of new photos and more could be find here Rajčeti.
New photos were added also to K litter photogallery.

Guendo Happy Perro z Kovárny and his owner Marja had absolutely beautiful day, when won class, later also CAC & Best male on Holland Club show. Congratulation!


15.09.2011 Chester, I am Neo, Ian Belle and Janine went to their new homes. New photos of available puppies, as well as reserved, but not yet sold puppies are added on their pages (CH litter , I litter , J litter ).
I visited Nessy's puppies yesteday and made lot of new photos - see K litter.


31.08.2011 Guendo Happy Perro z Kovárny was shown again. On International show in Rotterdam, August, 28th, he became Excellent 2nd with titles res.CAC and res.CACIB. Congratulation!



New photos of puppies from K litter . I visited them today (they are living in family Schejbalovi) and so I finally determined colours. Boys are: black and white parti (Karo), white with sable markings on the head (Keiko), two boys are in brown shades with brown pigment - one from them is red/gold with white (Kim) and one dark chocolate with white (Keyan). Girls are all black and white parti and have names Kiara, Kessie and Kylie.


28.08.2011 Due to late cancellation we have again available Juliette Fresia, red-brown female with brown pigment. She is definitely show quality.


26.08.2011 New photos of puppies from CH litter, I litter and J litter. At the oldest littr, we have boy Charming available. He is ready to new home now. At I litter we have available boys Iago and Ivory and at J litter we have available girl Jemma. Puppies from I and J litter will be ready to new homes in about 10 days.



Chester and Charming were vaccinated and microchipped and they will be ready to go to new families in about 1 week. Chester is offered for 1/2 price due to wrong bite (it doesn't mean any troubles for him, but he is not suitable for shows and breeding).

Puppies from I litter and J litter enjoy now life together. We gave them entire room, so they can enjoy more space. Mothers are now nursing them all, although for the night, they are sleeping in their original beds, except of little "Molle" Ian Belle, who decided to live with Fresia and her girls :-). All puppies seems to have completely set of incisors, all males have already descend testicles. Brown female from Fresia is really true genetical brown with brown pigment.

We will add new photos of our puppies start of next week.

Monday early morning, Finesse Belle z Kovárny (Nessy) whelped big litter of 7 puppies, sired by our Buddy. Because owners of Nessy want only one litter, puppies will have our kennel name. The born and will grown in family Schejbalovi, where Nessy lives. Litter has beautiful colours - one boy is brown and white, one is white with chocolate markings on the head, another is dark chocolate with white markings and one boy plus 3 girls are black and white, similary like mother is.
Puppies and mother are doing well, first pictures here.

For more information about all our litters - see Puppy page



Nové fotky Chestera a Charminga z šesti týdnů věku zde. Kluci jsou parádní, už běhají, štěkají, honí se, hrají si i s velkými psy a hlavně na úúúplně každého vrtí ocáskem a úúúúplně každého chtějí olizovat :-) Praví psí společníci :-) Chestera z důvodu špatného skusu nabízíme za poloviční cenu (tato vada ho nijak neomezuje v životě).

Nové fotky prcků po Belince z I vrhu zde. Na fotkách jsou mimina tři týdny stará, už koukají, chodí, a i když ještě nevylézají z porodní bedýnky, tak komentují domácí dění. K zadání jsou volní oba světlí pejsci.

Frézinčina mimina z J vrhu jsou sice o dva dny mladší, než I vrh, ale o hodně větší. Fréza má mimin méně a mléka asi opravdu hodně a na buclících to je znát. Taky koukají, taky si občas povídají, ale chodit jim přes ta velká bříška zatím moc nejde :-) K zadání světlá fenka. Fotky zde.

Happy Havana Boy absolvoval úspěšně bonitaci. Po doplnění výstavy bude chovným psem!



New photos of Charming and Chester, age 6 weeks - here. Both boys are sooo cute! Jumping, barking, playing and constantly wagging tail and licking each visitor. Chester is available for pet price (50% reduction).

New photos of boys from I litter age 3 weeks here. They are also walking, talking a bit each to other and to us, but still stay in whelping place. Both white boys with cream markings are available.

J litter age 3 weeks is picture here. Even if 2 days younger, then I litter, puppies are much bigger. They also have opened eyes and monitoring what around, but due to big belly they are not moving so much like I litter. White girl with cream markings is available.

Happy Havana Boy was confirmed. He need only one more show to be stud boy.



New photos of Happy's puppies in age 3 and 4 weeks here.

Belle whelped at Sunday, 10th July. She gave birth to five puppies and she did it very quickly. Unfortunately all five are boys! But they have very nice colours. Photos here.

Fresia was hurry with her whelping. Even if we expected it end of week, she did it Tuesday, 12nd July. She was brave and gave birth to 4 puppies - three girls (one looks to be true brown/chocolate) and one boy. Unfortunately boy was not strong enough and we lost him. Photos here.



Puppies are doing very well, growing so fast! They start to open their eyes and exploring the surroundings. New photos here.

We were on the show with our newest dog Buddy-Béďa (Inimitable Buddy Bohemia Alké). Béďa did well and won Excellent 1st, CAC at Club show KCHMPP on July, 2nd in Mladá Boleslav. Judge was Mrs.Phyllis-Poduschka from Austria.

Sunday, 26.06.2011 we had to say Good Bye to our 14 years old Jenny. We will never forget!



Happy whelped two puppies on Tuesday. Both are males. Both are white with minimal créme markings. First photos here.

Golden Happy Sun was checked for Patella Luxation with result 0/0 - healthy.



Happy is looking like little ball and we expect her puppies in about one week. Also Belle and Fresia are pregnant - to be correct, I did not expected we will have such sucesfull mating with all three. Summer will be full of puppies!

Happy Havana Boy - Yuko was on his very first show today and did well - he won Excellent 1st and Junior Winner. Yuko has incredible coat quality and truly outgoing character and I hope we will meet him on more shows.
New photos of Yuko (10 months old) and Guendo (22 months old)



Happy is pregnant! End of June, we expect puppies of different colours from our Happy and Buddy. We are so thrilled!

14th May, in the Netherland's town Goes, Guendo Happy Perro z Kovárny was shown. He won his class and finally also res.CAC, res.CACIB. Congratulation!


07.05.2011 We did not updated for a long time - nothing new was done. But it will change now! We have new stud dog - Inimitable Buddy Bohemia Alké. Buddy is sable and white boy. We are preparing for shows and we hope to bred some puppies from him too. Because we are very interesting in health, Buddy (same like our females) went through test of patella and eyes. In both he went very well - best result, free of diseases. We offer Buddy for stud service.
New actual eyes tests were done to Happy, Bella and Fresia too - all are again clear (free of diseases).
Good news about teeth at H litter and new photos of Happy White Princess and Happy Hoxo Smile.


30.01.2011 New photos of dogs bred by us: male Bichu, female Nessy (Finesse) and young male Yuko (Happy Havana Boy), which is growing into really beautifull boy!


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