Shows - Argent

Shows - Argent

Shows of Argent Brut z Kovárny ...

Argebt is:

  • Champion CZ 2008
  • 2x CAC, res.CAC, CWC

In a TOP-TEN competition of BSD in CZ he became:

  • 7th-8th best young Tervueren male of 2006 (5,5 pts)

Details of show results:

date type, place
class result judge
18.03.2012 International, Katowice, PL Work, Good (because of grey colour) Norman Deschuyméry, B
29.06.2008 International, Krakow, PL Work. Excellent 1st, CWC Tibor Gellén, HU
09.02.2008 International, Brno, CZ Open Excellent 1st, CAC Hana Pisarčíková, CZ
10.02.2007 International, Brno, CZ Int. Excellent 1st, CAC Ing.Jana Karhanová, CZ
14.01.2007 National, Olomouc, CZ Int. Excellent 1st Jana Miklasová, CZ
30.09.2006 Club show KCHBO, Prostějov, CZ Int. Very Good 2nd Dirk Spruyt, Belgium
23.09.2006 National, Brno, CZ Int. Excellent 2nd, res.CAC Hana Pisarčíková, CZ
24.06.2006 International, Brno, CZ Jun. Excellent 1st Alexandra Grygarová, CZ
08.04.2006 National, Ostrava, CZ Jun. Excellent 3rd Pawel Szemraj, PL
11.02.2006 International, Brno, CZ Jun. Very Good 3rd Petr Řehánek, CZ
14.01.2006 National, Olomouc, CZ Puppy Very Promising 1st Ing.Ivana Němečková, CZ

Glossary (classes)
Baby - Baby class
Puppy - Puppy class
Jun. - Junior class
Int. - Intermediate (Youth) class
Open - Open class
Work. - Working class
Win. - Winners class
Champ. - Champion class
Vet. - Veteran class
Hon. - Honorary class

Z Kovárny - Groenendael, Tervueren, Malinois