We had high hopes for this young lady in the show ring until at five months she broke her left front leg just above the pastern joint in a freak accident.  By seven months of age, the orthopedic surgeon told us that the injury had damaged the growth plate and that one bone was no longer growing but the other still would continue to grow thereby forcing her foot to turn to the side.

This type of injury is not uncommon and is called an "angular limb deformity". How much damage will be done is yet unknown.  The orthopedic surgeon says that surgery is never done unless the deformity is severely affecting function.  The surgery never leaves the leg "looking" normal.  The most common problem aside from the foot turning out, is damage to the elbow due to the uneven growth of the leg bones.  If the damage results in arthritis, then surgery is done to alleviate the problem.  At this point her elbows are pristine but that can change. We do know that one leg bone is now longer than the other.  Only time will tell what the final result will be.

09.01.2009:  Super news!!! Harmony was checked for hips and elbows dysplasy and official OFA result is : hips OFA Excellent (best result, according to HD A), elbows OFA Normal (best result). Woohooo!! Her accident probably had not influence on elbows


x-ray after the accident:


Z Kovárny - Groenendael, Tervueren, Malinois