Arnica Ráj pod Zvičinou

ARNICA Ráj pod Zvičinou

DOB:  15.05.2000
Died: † 13.03.2010 - euthanasie (renal collaps due to difficult surgery)
Pedigree:  CMKU/BOT/2427/00
Breeder: Ing.Jaroslava Bryknarová
Owner: Ing.Marie Vágenknechtová + Hana Pisarčíková
Arnica lives with Marií in Nedaříž and Brno

Health: complete denture, minimal scissor bite
             free of epilepsy
             hips HD A, elbows free 0/0, back OK
             eyes OK (6/2002 + 6/2006)

Breeding approvals: Brood bitch, 59/59 cm, character test PT 85


In 2007 we mated Arnice for the second time. Both pregnancy and delivery went well. Shortly after giving birth Arnica got struck by fever. Examination showed a bit enlarged uterus with content that could not be identified, but no residual/remaining puppy was found and so Arnica was given antibiotics and medicine for cleaning. Yet fever did not decline, Arnica got apathetic and did not eat. For these reasons we decided for castration. If something is defictive with the uterus, it is better to remove it.

Three days after giving birth Arnica was operated. It was not the ideal situation to start with (shortly after birth + fever), but there was no other option. Vets discovered the cause of problems during the operation - cyst endometritis, disease during which the uterus lining is covered by quantum of small fluid-filled blisters. And that was probably the object unidentified by ultrasound. It is not clear why this disease arises and vets considered it a little miracle she was able to go through the whole pregnancy and independently deliver a litter of puppies. In a certain point the uterus wall thinned due to endometritis so much that a rupture of the uterus would occur within few hours. The outpoured content of the cleaning uterus into abdomen would probably sign Arnica's death sentence. We were really glad we hadn´t decided to wait and thus probably saved her life.

Arnica did recover quite quick and well, she was taking care of the puppies and surprisingly did not lose milk, which normally happens. We had no idea that her misery was not over. Exactly one week after surgery Arnica stopped eating again and she went all yellowish. A diagnosis - due to explicit symptoms - was not difficult. Arnica's liver collapsed. It is a situation that sometimes occurs also in women - a burden of delivery, high fever, anesthesia, double dose of antibiotics as well as a burden of the general surgery lead to a liver failure. Hepatic indicators were so critical that vets warned us we have almost no chance. Yet Arnica did not want to give up as the any good mother fighting for her progeny.
We went through a lot of literature to liver failure, we tried to find the most suitable feed (which meant to prepare it at home), Arnica was given a lot of support drugs and fortunately the liver responded and with its relatively good ability to regenerate, it improved. It lasted many weeks, even months but tests got back almost to normal (considering what Arnica went through) and at the end of the day there was no threat of an acute danger.

However, organism is a very complex system and only few diseases leave no consequences no mater how much people wish for it. And it was also Arnica's case. Fluctuating liver tests outcomes in recent months were accompanied by worsening renal function. Kidneys are more complex, their ability of regeneration is very low, poor lab results show up only when the kidney failure is on a verge. And so despite of all given care, Arnica's kidneys collapsed. It lasted several months during which kidneys were still operating but day by day worse and worse. More and more pollutants slowly accumulated in her body. When finally quantity of pollutants exceeded the tolerable limit, the pancreas collapsed, too and it made Arnica constantly sick, she couldn't eat anything and she got down to terrible 16,5 kg. There is no way one can solve this - as there is no dialysis for dogs.
Ten years of life is definitely far too little for man's best friend and we all - especially Marie and Cora who lived together with her - will miss Arnica terribly.

Arnica has been put to sleep on Saturday, March 13th, 2010.

Shows: GrandChampion CZ, GrandChampion SK, Champion CZ, Champion SK, Club Champion KCHBO (CZ), Club Champion KBB (CZ), Club Champion KCHPBO (SK), Veteran Champion CZ, Veteran Champion SK, BIS Junior, BOB, National Winner, 4x CACIB, The best junior BSD female in CZ 2001
Work: FPr 1 - 3, BH, ZZZ, VZ 1 - 2, ZPU1, ZOP, ZZO, LA1 - 2, Club Working Champion KBB
Descendants: Litters  Z ~ K  at our kennel



Int.Ch., CZCh., SKCh., PLCh., SKGrandCh., CZClubCh., SKClubCh., CZVetCh.

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