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2012 - today

litter DOB
of puppies

T 17.01.2017
Ch. Caesar v.d.Wilden Erlen
s.r. s. T.s. Int.Ch.Unai Unique z Kovárny
6+0 T mating in Germany
bred at family Pavlíčková

S 23.10.2016
s.r. Ch. Grimmendans Nayko
s.r. s. Int.Ch.Divine Venus z Kovárny
3+7 T mating in France

R 22.05.2016
s.r. Int.Ch. Luavjan's Fast and Furious
s.r. s. Ch. Caramel Pancake z Kovárny
1+2 T mating in Italy
bred at family Hronský

Q 16.09.2015
s.r. s. Kl.Ch.Hard Black Ozzy z Kovárny
s.r. s. Int.Ch.Divine Venus z Kovárny
4+5 G
intervariety litter

P 17.05.2015
T.s.Ch. L'Evangelist de la Terre Sauvage
s.r. s. T.s. Int.Ch.Unai Unique z Kovárny
3+4 G mating in Hungary
Intervariety litter
bred at family Pavlíčková

O 09.06.2014
Askan von Fagimo, IPO3
Ch.Yamaha Venus z Kovárny
2+3 T mating in Austria
working male
bred at Soňa Kadulová

N 17.05.2014
Deep Space Nine di Zinxavi, IPO3
P.E.Int.Ch.Igneous Innah z Kovárny
4+5 G mating in Netherland, working male
intervariety litter

M 14.05.2014 
Fly des Pistes Noires
s.Ch.Vaori Waikiki Black z Kovárny
4+5 G
mating in France
bred at family Hronský
intervariety litter

L 09.11.2013
Denver des Pistes Noires
s.r. s. T.s. Int.Ch.Unai Unique z Kovárny
5+3 T mating in France
bred at family Pavlíčková

K 29.09.2013
s.r. pE Ch.Xanova Wolf Walker
s.Ch. Vaori Waikiki Black z Kovárny
1+1 G mating with english male

J 25.09.2013
Ch.Elyos du Moulin du Verger
s. Se Ch.Perfectly Unique z Kovárny
1+3 T  

I 01.03.2013
Ch.Fair Play z Kovárny, A3
s.Int.Ch. Really Black z Kovárny
3+1 G
bred at family Dýnkovi
intervariety litter

CH 05.02.2013
Hero van Balderlo
P.E.Int.Ch. Igneous Innah z Kovárny
2+4 T mating in Belgium

H 03.11.2012
s.r. Se Ch.Revloch Zidane
P.E.Int.Ch. Eclaire Black z Kovárny
3+2 G
mating with Irish male

G 29.09.2012
Armagnac v.Scathach, IPO3
Brixi od Vysokej Skaly
3+0 T working line
mating with German dog
bred at Zuzana Pčolárová

F 13.05.2012
Once More Black z Kovárny
s.Int.Ch.Gwyneth Black z Kovárny, FPr3
2 + 4 G  

E 08.02.2012
er Sw Int.Ch.Chuck v.d.Feldstiege, IPO3
P.E.Int.Ch.Venus Innah z Kovárny
4+2 T-fauve mated in Germany
working oriented litter


Z Kovárny - Groenendael, Tervueren, Malinois