Work - Noble Black Archi

Work - Noble Black Archi

Examinations, competitions and character tests of Noble Black Archi z Kovárny ...

Date Type, place
Result Judge
27.11.2010 Obedience exam
Petrovice n/O
Obedience 1
255 pts, Very Good, 4th place
Markéta Píšová
16.10.2010 Obedience exam
Ostrava - Třebovice, CZ
Obedience 1
205,5 pts, Good, 5th place
Lucie Gabrielová, CZ
19.09.2010 KJ ČR exam
ZOP Novák
27.07.2010 Obedience exam
Stará Paka, CZ
Obedience 1
Marie Vágenknechtová, CZ
04.04.2010 Character test KCHBO
(sociability, aport, shooting)
Petrovice n/O
91 pts + A + O2P,2P
(A = unconventional aport)
(O= defence, 2P,2P = 2nd best bite quality)
(maximum = 100 pts)
Markéta Píšová
03.10.2009 Obedience - Z
Duhový pohár, Brno
259 pts - Excellent
4th place out of 16 competitors
(max. 320 pts)
Lenka Lodrová
07.03.2009 ZZO
VFU Brno
51 pts - Done Excellent
(max. 60 pts)
Milan Mnich


Archi start to play in Agility.
On his very first competition for beginners, he became 3th place (Open, none faults)

Archi did also two Swimming competitions.
50m long course - 6th place, 100m long course - 6th place



Z Kovárny - Groenendael, Tervueren, Malinois