Protocol from Anathomy

Suddenly  death of Carla disturb us very much. She was too young to die and did not shown any signs of diseases before.  We wanted to know reason. We put Carla to State Veterinary Institute and ask them to make anatomy of her. Anatomy was made by MVDr. MVDr. Michaela Dokulilová.

But we did not get explicit answer, what became with Carla.  The pozitive fact is, that three veterinary doctors (specialist for small animals, profesor on veterinary school and specialist for pet animals & pathology-forensic expert) said, that Carla´s death was not caused by any hereditary disease, but it was probably only coincidence of bad fortunes. This is very important for us and also for owners of Carla´s littermates and half-littermates.

The most relevant finding in Pathology checking (protocol PA-00097/06) was intumescence (edem) of lungs, lot of bleeding, also in the plexure (parenchym) of lungs, enlargement (dilatation) of heart and bleeding at brain´s wrappage (cover). During histology checking (protocol HI-00009/06) was found intumescence (edem) of brain and proliferation of microglies.  Proliferation of microglies mean, that cells named Glie are multiplying and growing without control. Glie´s cells are responsible for leading signals on brain´s tracks and fibres.  Unfortunately, thrive of Glie´s cells, should cause wrong forwarding of signals in brain.

We do not know, if the source was an accident or some stress, which should looks so small or so short, that humans did not notice it, or if source was unnormal multiplying and growing of Glie´s cells and they contacted the center of blood pressure and sent wrong signal (or if it happen both).  The result was acute circulation break-down (colaps).