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Groenendael Young Males (compete 25 dogs)
3rd place Noddy Black Archi z Kovárny - 59,5 pts
Groenendael Young Females (compete 14 females)
2nd place JCh. Orchidea Black z Kovárny - 43,75 pts. + 5th best Young Female through varieties
3rd place JCh. Really Black z Kovárny - 38 pts.
4th place Off That Black z Kovárny - 31,5 pts.
7th place River Black z Kovárny - 7,5 pts.
Groenendael Adult Females (compete 26 females)
5th place Int.Ch. Gwyneth Black z Kovárny - 39,5 pts.
7th place s.Int.Ch. Eclaire Black z Kovárny - 22 pts. (shown only 1x!)
8th place Exclusive Black z Kovárny - 21,25 pts (shown only 2x!)
9th place Ginny Black Gnome z Kovárny - 21 pts (shown only 2x!)
Groenendael Veteran Females (compete 4 females)
1st place s.r.Ch. Jackie Black z Kovárny - 37,25 pts.
3rd place VetCh. JCh.Kreole Black z Kovárny - 29,25 pts.
Malinois Young Males (compete 13 males)
1st place JCh. Daring-Devil du Crépuscule des Loups - 118,25 pts. + Best Young Malinois, Best Young Male through varieties
 Tervueren Young Males (compete 17 males)
1st place JCh. Saphir Zealous z Kovárny - 110,25 pts. + Best Young Tervueren, 2nd best Young Male through varieties
4th place Phantom of Juvell z Kovárny - 8 pts.
Tervueren  Young Females (compete 26 females)
4th place Perfectly Unique z Kovárny - 24,75 pts
Tervueren Adult Females (compete 53 females)
5th place Fatal Love z Kovárny - 56,75 pts. (shown only 1x !!!)
6th place Int.Ch. Igneous Innah z Kovárny - 54,25 pts.
8th place s.Kl.Ch.Future Fame z Kovárny - 43,5 pts
9th place Venus Innah z Kovárny - 34,5 pts
Tervueren Veteran Males (compete 3 males)
1st place s.Ch. Heavenly Vision z Kovárny  - 47 pts. + 2nd best Veteran Male through varieties
Tervueren Veteran Females (compete 5 females)
1st place Ch. Eleanor z Kovárny - 57 pts. + Best Veteran Female through varieties
2nd place Ch. Arnica Ráj pod Zvičinou - 48,25 pts. + 2nd best Veteran Female through varieties
3rd place s.Ch. Innah Adina z Kovárny - 46,75 pts. + 3rd best Veteran Female through varieties
Groenendael Stud Dogs (compete 45 males)
6th place Ch. Brat Black z Kovárny - 75,25 pts.
Groenendael Brood Bitches (compete 51 females)
3rd place s.r. s. Int.Ch. New Black Sib z Kovárny - 148 pts
5th place s.Int.Ch. Fay Black z Kovárny - 84,75 pts
7th place T.s. Int.Ch. Fara "Yazoo" du Chemin des Sorciéres - 75,25 pts
8th place s.r.Ch. Jackie Black z Kovárny - 65,5 pts
Tervueren Stud Dogs (compete 54 males)
3rd place s.Int.Ch. Lubanja´s Vision - 230 pts
4th place Int.Ch. Zealous Juvell z Kovárny - 164,5 pts
Tervueren Brood Bitches (compete 65 females)
2nd place s.Ch. Innah Adina z Kovárny - 189 pts.
3rd place P.E. Ch. Adina Mlynský Ostrov - in memoriam - 150,75 pts
6th place Urbi Eleanor z Kovárny - 110,25 pts
z Kovárny - 2nd place : Groenendael breeder (compete 39 breeders)
z Kovárny - 1st place : Tervueren breeder (compete 50 breeders)




Z Kovárny - Groenendael, Tervueren, Malinois